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Chicago Midway International Airport Train Transfers

Before proceeding to exit the Baggage Claim at Midway Airport area please make sure to collect all personal belongings and luggage.

The Chicago Transit Authority offers train services known as the “L” in the City of Chicago and the surrounding suburbs. The different lines are named after different colors and the Orange Line services Midway International Airport and downtown Chicago.

The Orange Line “L” trains operate every day from approximately 4:00 to 4:30AM to around 1:00 AM with a higher frequency during weekday mornings and evening rush hours, with the alternate overnight “owl” service via the N62 Archer bus.

The trains run on elevated tracks from the airport to downtown Chicago where they travel clockwise around the Loop and back to Midway. The Orange Line connects to most other CTA train lines in various locations.

The travel time between the airport and downtown Chicago is 20-25 minutes.

The CTA Midway Transportation Center, the train and bus station, at the airport is located just east of the terminal building and they are connected via an enclosed walkway.

The Midway Transportation Center is easily located by following the signs in the airport reading “CTA Trains” or “Trains to City”.

Fares can be purchased with cash or credit through the vending machines located outside the station. The Ventra system is also available for travels on the “L” trains. Ventra Vending Machines are available at the Metro/Train stations in the City and allow for discounted journeys for frequent travelers.

For more information about schedules, fares and transits between different “L” Lines or to a CTA bus, please visit CTA’s websites.